MAC Exercise Spotlight: The Lateral Lunge

The What:

A lower body movement that requires quadriceps, hamstrings and glute STRENGTH, and a tremendous amount of hip STABILITY!

The Why:

Hip stability is important for almost every action we do as humans - walking, running, jumping, squatting, bending… even just standing in place! Training stability in as many different directions as possible is crucial in order to make sure that the joint can safely move, while reducing the risk of injury. Training laterally (aka “sideways”) is a movement that many people struggle with - that’s why they usually avoid it!

The How:

Goblet, Low Hold and Body weight variations pictured below (left to right)

  • Start with feet ~hip width apart, with toes facing forward

  • In a controlled fashion, take a large step directly to the side - lock out the other knee joint

  • Ensure proper foot position upon landing, then shift weight as far back and to the side as possible using the hips as a primary mover

  • Minimize any side-to-side movement with the knee, keeping it towards to the pinky toe

  • Drive weight back with moderate power to the centered position; repeat 6-15x per leg

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