Your health and fitness is an on-going journey - and we’ll never stop supporting you and your goals. We'll be just as committed to you on day one hundred as we were on day one. 
Every day, we'll help you grow your understanding of exercise, movement, and nutrition, and help you live healthier and happier.
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About Memberships // What We Offer


  • Instant access to a library of workout videos (for all fitness levels).

  • On-demand, membership-based platform.

  • Support from an active and engaged community.

  • New content added regularly that progresses with you.

Annual MAC Membership / $45 Month


Our most popular option! The annual plan is perfect for people who are ready to commit to long-term goals and embrace a lifestyle of health and happiness.

Monthly MAC Membership / $50 Month


This zero commitment plan gives you full access to our growing workout library for 30 days, guidance from Coach Mike, and access to our resource library. 

Three Month MAC Membership / $45 Month


If you want to give MAC's long-terms approach to health a try, this plan lets us tackle larger goals, and ensures we can help you hone in on big picture priorities.

MAC Family Membership / $65 Month


This plan is for families to share! If more than one person in your household wants to participate in MAC Fitness - this is the plan for you. 

All plans include a 7-day free trial! Once the trial is complete your paid subscription will begin and your membership will automatically renew.
Can't watch the class, but still want to have a game plan for your workout? Virtual classes are accompanied by a detailed workout PDF so you can take your MAC Program wherever you go! 
Family Plans also include access to Youth Fitness workouts.

The Expereince // How We Help


Our program begins with the belief that exercise should make you move better and live better. Your health and fitness habits should be sustainable. 
Meaning: you should feel a workout, but it shouldn’t feel like punishment. Put another way: your time working out should leave you feeling stronger, healthier, and happier.
Instant access to library of workout videos
On-demand, subscription-based platform
New original content added weekly
Monthly live workout and classes
New workouts published every Monday
An awesome and engaged community

Improve Your Health //