I have been fortunate to be a fitness coach and educator for my entire adult life. I was keen to find my true specialty in my early-20s, but those I looked to for inspiration - athletes, therapists, researchers and co-workers - all seemed to have very conflicting views on the ideal workout program.

After professional experimentation with a variety of training methods, I am ready to share what I wish I knew 15 years ago.

I had always been conditioned to believe that programs had to be divided into muscle groups for best results - regardless of the actual goal. I have spent the past five years researching full-body routines with thousands of clients, and the results are clear.


Not only can you increase strength and endurance, lose weight or gain muscle, but you can do it more effectively than traditional ‘split’ programs.

It’s not as simple as throwing together all of your favorite exercises into one workout. Excessive and irrelevant exercise choices will leave you mentally and physically drained, making it damn near impossible to address the other equally important elements of health.

At MAC Fitness, we believe there needs to be a purpose to everything. Each workout you do should complement the next one. There needs to be built-in rest and recovery to help you maximize your effort in all aspects of daily life. There needs to be a progression - a plan that ensures there is no “end date” - just a gradual and constant effort to be a better version of yourself.


I’m an avid preacher of movement quality, and I understand why people subconsciously avoid the exercises that they struggle with. My own personal touch will help to make sure that doesn’t happen, so that you can still build on your strengths while simultaneously identifying and addressing any weaknesses.

And the best part? I’m going to do the workouts with you. That’s how much I believe in it.

Welcome aboard. Let’s get started!


Best, Coach Mike

  • Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology) - BScK
  • CSEP-CPT (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology - Certified Personal Trainer)
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist ©
  • EIMC (Exercise Is Medicine Canada) Health and Exercise Professional
  • NCCP Multi-Sport Coach (National Coaching Certification Program)

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